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The substantial increase in the volume of waste generated by consumers and producers has led to huge pressure on the existing waste disposal and recycling infrastructure. Despite significant recent investment in waste management much remains to be done and Ireland is expected to continue to come under pressure from the European Union to meet the higher standards and targets attained in countries such as Germany and the Netherlands.  

Extensive research was carried out to ascertain the potential supply and volume of furniture available for the venture. Through liaison with Mulleady’s Refuse and desk research it was established that the available supply of pre-owned furniture and other household goods was substantial.  The scope for adding value to the items supplied or currently entering the waste stream is significant. Repairs and refurbishment work is carried out in the workshop, with steam cleaning and basic repair work adding value and usefulness to the many items currently disposed of.   The furniture is then available for sale in the showroom.  

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduction in volume of waste for disposal.
  • Promotion of reuse: The second most preferential waste management option in the EU Waste Management Hierarchy.
  • The saving of energy and raw materials achieved through reuse and recycling.
  • Assisting local authorities to meet recycling and diversion from landfill targets.
  • Establishing waste handling infrastructure and expertise.
  • Demonstrating the multiple benefits of reuse and recycling across the community.
  • Provision of a monitoring service, data, and insights into the overall composition of bulky household waste.
  • Provision of a model for other towns and regions.




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