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Revamp is a non-profit making Furniture Recycling and Reuse project, established initially in 2002 as a FAS training project for long-term unemployed young people.  The project has since grown and now has its own training premises, furniture showroom and transport for collecting furniture suitable for re-use. 

The project aim is to combine recycling and provide furniture for the disadvantaged with training and the provision of employment opportunities for long-term unemployed young people.
Items are donated and sold to people on low income. No other project of this nature exists in the Midlands.  Over xxx items have been collected and reused since the project commenced in 2002.  Most have been diverted from the waste stream or from fly-tipping. The project  aim to address social, environmental and economic issues. Socially by really addressing social exclusion and poverty, provide jobs, training and volunteering opportunities. Economically, by 'adding value' to the local social economy through jobs and services, and helping those on low incomes.  Environmentally, by reuse and recycling; both of which are diverting waste from landfill, and encouraging more sustainable lifestyles by enhancing the reuse economy.

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